Spring Equine Photography

Walking through the trees in Spring with your horse at Lucknam Park Hotel and Estate

At long last it feels like Spring is just around the corner. My diary is chocker block full of exciting and inspiring photo shoots. I will be visiting one of my favourite yards a mere 8 times in the next 8 weeks for a total of 13 photo shoots! Alongside these shoots I am popping over to Portugal next week for a couple of days for creative shoots with my friend and inspiration Emily Hancock and as soon as my feet hit the tarmac of Heathrow I will be dancing a quick turnaround to hop on a flight to Dubai for some exciting portrait shoots out in more sunshine with the talent that is Ben Franklin. March and April are shaping up to be full on and blissful months.

Spring constantly brings new life to my business and creativity. The nature that comes alive in Spring pushes me forward, I get out of bed earlier, bouncing into my days and work later into the warmer evenings. It also means my studio is packed with Hyacinths. I’m a bit of a hibernator in the winter months, it’s when I take to building my marketing plan, my financial goals and the next years business plan. With all of that in place I get to look at the year ahead and really look after each and every one of my clients. Ive been incredibly lucky with my January and February shoots, I have only had to move a couple of them from this bazaar weather.

Travelling is starting to play rather a major part to my art and business. It’s incredibly important to keep improving and growing as an artist and being able to play with different light from areas around the globe and meet new characters and friendships evolves this growth organically.

While I’ve hibernating I have discovered some new delights in my life, which I’d love to share with you!

My new discoveries have been:

Gilmore girls – I will never admit to how obsessed I am with this show, but the love is there and it’s REAL!
Teskey Brothers – I am currently listening to their new album right now and it’s the new sound track to my Spring – http://www.theteskeybrothers.com/
Lulu Lemon Jackets – My new shooting jacket and it’s the warmest thing I have ever worn while on a shoot without it restricting me.
Tom Butler – An epic artist that you should check out – https://www.instagram.com/tombutlerart/
So Lucky by Dawn O’Porter – I bought this book in hardback and Audio book, as I couldn’t wait to read it so I listened while traveling over xmas and its OH SO good! View here
Speaking of Dawn O’Porter – another obsession of mine, please check her out on Instagram – Hotpatooties and listen to her podcast So Lucky.

Thats my discoveries for now – please let me know yours!