“Theres nothing technical about it – it’s how I see it”


Protect that which has value.

Clients commission me because they want to protect the time they have with their beloved horses.

We can’t slow down or extend time, but we can protect time. Indulge in your loved ones and most of all protect the things you value the most.

Photography is like insurance, it cannot replace but it can protect the moments.

Kirsten - Boston USA

“Working with Hannah is such a pleasure – she is a true professional in every sense of the word. She loves her job, she is good at her job and she loves your horse – all of that shines through from beginning to end. She manages to capture moments that are so true to you and your horse – you’ll see your horse in a whole new way!”

Nichole - London UK

“Hannah is simply amazing! She does not only take fabulous pictures – she manages to capture the unique relationship shared by a human being and their horse. I was simply blown away and even got quite emotional when I saw our images since I could feel the special bond Ruby and I share.

The pouch with the USB stick arrived yesterday and the pictures today – I have spent all morning just smiling like a little kid. I know I am repeating myself but you are not only a very talented photographer but you are also a very caring person with an extremely kind heart! Your attention to detail is just amazing – Ruby will totally love her Polos 🙂

Thank you for this unforgettable experience – with a big hug.”

Joanne - London UK

“Hannah Freeland’s photos capture the special bond between horses and their humans. I’m not one to love a photo shoot, but working with Hannah was a joy. My pony and I had a great time. The photos show it and are a wonderful reminder.”

Alison, London UK

“I had the most wonderful day with Hannah and my horse on our equine photo shoot. Hannah has just the most lovely way about her, in terms of her communication with horses and humans! She was able to take some amazing shots of me and my pony Gemini. Gemini behaved so well and made me think she should have been a model as the shots Hannah produced were amazing! Neither me nor Gemini are youngsters and yet we were made to look very glamorous! I would highly recommend a photo shoot with Hannah – it made me realise what a unique connection I had with my pony, all caught on film by Hannah!”


Kate and Tom

Ah back to my favourite location, South Medburn. I have been commissioned at this yard for the past 4 years and I still find new locations and changes made at this yard that blow my mind. This time of year we have long grass fields, weeping willows and groomed tracks...

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Rebecca, Oliver, Catwoman and the Pups!

Rebecca, Oliver, Catwoman and the Pups!

It's wonderful to be back shooting full time and what feels pretty normal now. I have a very full diary for the rest of the year and the start of next year and I couldn't be happier. Creating and capturing memories once again.This shoot included Rebecca's beloved mare...

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Finding the perfect fit

Finding the perfect fit

  "The right photographer is just waiting for you" It sounds like a dating app introduction doesn’t it? Finding the right photographer is an important process and this is a relationship that can lasts many, many years. The majority of my clients come through...

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