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Hannah is a renowned equine photographer based in Bath, UK. She takes private commissions all over the world and enjoys photographing abroad regularly.




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So you have decided the time has come to capture the brilliant bond you have with your horses – that’s great! Let me tell you a little about me and why I get to live this wonderful career.

I have been an established equine photographer for over 12 years and I understand what it is to have a horse. The commitment, the work and the unconditional love that bonds you both.

My passion is creating artwork from moments. The conversations we have with our best friends, the secrets we tell them and the heart we give them, this is what I capture and produce for each of my clients.

My Latest

Jennifer and Lightening

Jennifer and Lightening

All the way back in 2017 I met Jennifer and her dressage horse Lightening. Jennifer had been gifted a photo shoot from Rob Waine, for being such a wonderful supporter and friend to Rob. When someone is gifted a photo shoot it's a really big deal. Not only do I need to...

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Kirsty and Zarah

Kirsty and Zarah

When I met Kirsty at her yard, she introduced me to her stunning and charming mare Zarah, she was so sweet and welcoming. Zarah is an absolute beauty, full of character and fun. There are certain clients that have a look that compliments some backgrounds and...

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