After over 13 years of photographing 100’s of clients with their horses I have great experience in helping you choose the right outfits and looks for your photo shoot.

A shoot booked with me is to be loved and enjoyed for the rest of your life. This isn’t a fleeting moment to be put away on a USB stick, the final shots are to be displayed large and proud on the walls of your beloved home. Therefore, the styling and outfits have to be perfect!

Let’s talk about Spring. As the seasons change, then of course, so does the styling. My shoots are unfussy and based on relaxation and fun. The best way to ensure this is organisation and preparation. I firmly believe that you look your best when you feel your best.

Knowing exactly what you would like to wear to your shoot takes out so much of the anticipation and nerves. When you commission a shoot with me, you’ll receive my style guide in the post, full of outfit examples, suggestions and inspiration. If you’re anything like me, you will be making a list and checking it twice!

So here are my top 5 items to bring on a Spring Styled Shoot.

Light and loose jumpers.
Jumpers are a great addition to any shoot, they change the feeling in a shot and can create a ‘cosy’ style. Think about those gorgeous images we see online for our favourite brands, The White Company, Hush, Bamford etc, they pull us into a lifestyle that we want to be a part of, so make yourself a part of this. Bring at least 3 jumpers to your shoot, stick to muted colours without large logos or busy patterns.

Floaty Shirt / Top.
This maybe silk or cotton and gives the illusion of movement and softness. Plus, let’s face it, this fabric is flattering and easy to move in. Ensuring you are able to handle your horse.

Fitted trousers.
Throughout 2020 we’ve lived in yoga trousers and PJ’s, so going through our wardrobe and reacquainting ourselves with our old faithful fitted trousers may take some time. I love adding a smart, fitted pair of trousers to a shoot. Some of my favourites can be found from one of my top clients: Cordings of Piccadilly. I love these in particular (Blue Cotton Stretch Fitted Trousers) the high waist and stretch cotton is wonderful. Looking smart and at your best is high on our list and these babies will help!

Jeans come in every variety – ripped, skinny, straight legged, hipster, baggy and on and on. My top tip is to wear your favourite pair, the ones you only wear on special occasions because they always look great, fit well and were enormously expensive. Plus YOU love how you look in them. I would also like you to bring your ‘old go-to’s’  this pair may have rips in, shredded hems or paint splattered on them but you just love them. I want to capture the real you in the best possible light. This means bringing your own personal style. I have a pair of jeans that are 3 sizes too big for me, really baggy and I have sewn in other fabrics to break up the denim, everybody compliments them and says I didn’t realise how Bohemian you are! Let your true style through.

Boots, boots and boots!
In spring we will be able to use lots of different locations, long grass, tracks, gravel, tarmac the list goes on. I love a change of boot. As equestrians, most of us have the same addictions. Horses, tack, rugs and equestrian boots! Personally I owned 6 pairs of long boots (I know, enough already!) and I would want them all included in my shoot. My advice is to bring them all, we won’t necessarily use them all, but having the options to build the perfect outfit is wonderful. Make sure to have:

A paid of long boots
A pair of ankle boots
A pair of slip ons/flats

Those are my top spring additions to your clothing choices for your shoot. You will be able to go through my style guide in depth before the shoot and of course we will be building your style throughout the styling consultation. The most important accessory you can bring to your spring shoot is your confidence. Whether this is helped with a friend being by your side or allowing your horse to take the attention of the shoot, I will encourage and relax you in order to have the best day.

If you’re ready to commission me please fill in my contact form or simply call the studio for a consultation.