This trip has been a dream of mine for many years. A little background for you… 

A couple of years ago I was commissioned to Kirsten, Elsa and their 5 horses in their english livery yard in North London, just before they moved back to Boston.

The horses needed to stay in the UK while they set up their new home and barn in Boston and my client knew she wanted images of their love and friendship to keep her sane while they built the horses their new homes.

When we met, we had one of those instant friendships and she mentioned how wonderful it would be for me to come out to Boston to capture the horses and the farm when it’s finished. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and we worked together over the next year bashing diaries and dates.

My first trip to Kirsten’s was in June 2019. I traveled out with my Chief of Staff, Minty, to meet up with Kirsten and the horses and to see her new digs. The farm wasn’t quite ready but I wanted to get the lay of the land, spend some time getting to know the area and I got to meet some other fantastic equestrians at the local barn. 

On one of our exploration dates we cycled from MIT to Harvard – Im not normally one for jumping on a bike around towns, but I highly recommend this route.

My next trip out to the farm was in October for the fall colours and to capture the horses and the farm now that it’s all finished.

I had so much to choose from, the horses, dogs, cats, alpacas, rabbit, chickens and the stunning gardens and home these amazing people have created.

I felt so completely at home here, Kirsten was such a kind host, we rode together most days and she kindly showed me around the local towns. We even visited Salem over Halloween and indulged in the Peabody Essex Museum. 

This has been the most wonderful adventure and I hope the first of many. Kirsten has kindly offered her testimonial

“Working with Hannah is such a pleasure – she is a true professional in every sense of the word.  She loves her job, she is good at her job and she loves your horse – all of that shines through from beginning to end.  She manages to capture moments that are so true to you and your horse – you’ll see your horse in a whole new way!”

Love as always to your four legged friends x