This trip has been about a year in the making and this is only the start.

In 2017 I was commissioned to photograph a client, her daughter and their 5 horses in their english livery yard, just before they moved back to the USA.

The horses needed to stay in the UK while they set up their new home and barn in Boston, MA and my client knew she wanted framed images of their love and friendship to keep her sane while they built the horses their new homes.

When we met, we had one of those instant friendships and she mentioned how wonderful it would be for me to come out to Boston to meet other equestrians and offer my style of photography to them. This has been a personal dream of mine for as long as I can remember.

I already feel so lucky to be able to combine my 2 loves in life, photography and horses. However, now that dream has travel included.

It’s now June and I have traveled out to Boston with my assistant (Chief of Staff) Minty, to meet up with my client, see her new digs and of course catch up with all the horses who now live here full time.

To take this trip to a whole new level is the kindness and generosity of this client, who is holding a cocktail party to introduce me to other equestrians locally to her and see if they would like to commission me to capture their friendship with their horses in my style.

After this initial trip I have travelled out again in October for the Fall colours and to capture the horses and the farm now that it’s all finished.

Enough of the story, I know you guys are longing to look at the images, so here we go…