When I met Kirsty at her yard, she introduced me to her stunning and charming mare Zarah, she was so sweet and welcoming. Zarah is an absolute beauty, full of character and fun.

There are certain clients that have a look that compliments some backgrounds and locations. Kirsty’s gorgeous and vibrant hair¬† compliments the classic stable shot so much.

I start most photo shoots in the stable location, its a great way to ease the horse and owner into the shoot and get them used to my directions and the horse can get used to being complimented every 15 seconds.

When I do my location walk, I ask my clients if there are any special locations nearby that they would like included in their shoot. Kirsty’s hacking track at the back of the yard was one of her ideas and this was a beautiful spot. But before we get there, I just have to share with you the many, many shots that Kirsty and Zarah gave in the stable location. There were 44 final shots in Kirsty’s album from the stable. They both just kept shining in all the different poses and with such a striking look for both of them, this photographer was in heaven!

After we captured these very special moments with the awesome black background of the stable, I wanted to get a less dramatic and more foliage location in the bag. So, we headed to the woods with masses of options laid out in front of us.

By this point we have changed outfits and I make sure that I match the outfits to the location. Here Kirsty wore long boots with light fitted trousers and a purple jumper to bring out the Autumn colours beautifully.

Kirsty is a busy solicitor, working in the centre of London and I can see that she has a demanding and important job, this is why Zarah is so important to her. Our horses are time out and salvation from the fast pace of life. Take a minute with your beloved horse and make sure you capture these quiet moments to reflect on while you’re running around keeping up.