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All the way back in 2017 I met Jennifer and her dressage horse Lightening. Jennifer had been gifted a photo shoot from Rob Waine, for being such a wonderful supporter and friend to Rob.

When someone is gifted a photo shoot it’s a really big deal. Not only do I need to introduce myself to my new client, but I need to guide them through my experience without overwhelming them. Normally I will meet people at a show, or they have followed me for a while online, this way they have been able to see frames and other images I have produced first, however, when you’re gifted a shoot, it can be a little shock to the system.

It’s not a problem though, I have created systems that ensures my clients get to know me over the phone or via skype while we plan the photo shoot.

When I arrived at Jennifer’s yard my first feeling was excitement, this is one of those yards that has everything. Beautiful textured dark wood, willow trees, walk ways, vistas, the list goes on.

And this is where we started! Can you believe that this stable exists? This is a photographers dream. A wonderfully big dark textured stable with a little window to the side. The light was right and then the added addition of a willow tree, that just breaks up the image with a flash of colour.

Adding in Jennifer in a relaxed pose with her boy was the next natural step…

We shot for about 40 minutes as we didn’t want to push Lightening too far. However, as we went around to one of the indoor schools he wanted to really show off, not his dressage skills but his love for his Mum, I’m sure you’ll agree…

And to finish off the shoot I love a walking shot…

I also want to finish this blog off to say how wonderful it was meeting Jennifer and Im even happier to say that I now call her a dear friend. She is one of the warmest and kindest people on this planet. Every single livery at South Medburn would agree that Jennifer gives 100% every day to them and their horses. Thank you for being you Jennifer!