This seems a little indulgent, to talk about myself when my passion is capturing someone elses story and relationship with horses.

However, I understand that before you trust me with your memories you need to know me a little better. I want to talk about why I do what I do, and how I create each moment in your photo shoot.

My past and present clients will know that I smile and laugh a lot. Spending time with horses and my camera is not a hard ship, by any stretch of the imagination.

I have ridden and owned horses since I was 2/3 years old. They have always been an integral part of my life and always will be.

The reason I do, what I do is simply to hold on to moments. I want to freeze a slice of time, a connection between horse and human and even a feeling. 

We all know that now a camera is never far from your hand. You carry it around with you in your pocket, there are few of us out there that don’t use our phones as a camera. 

We document the funny moments, because we want to keep them for longer. We capture the achievements to look back on with pride and we snap the gatherings to keep our loved ones together. 

Now mulitply those images by a thousand, add artistic flair, 15 years of experience and my talent for spotting THE moments and you have why I do, what I do and why you should commission me. 

Kirsten Poler, Boston USA

Working with Hannah is such a pleasure – she is a true professional in every sense of the word.  She loves her job, she is good at her job and she loves your horse – all of that shines through from beginning to end.  She manages to capture moments that are so true to you and your horse – you’ll see your horse in a whole new way! 

The planning of your shoot starts right at the beginning. There isnt a great big list of jobs for you to do in preparation. You’re going to have a wonderful day, hanging out with your horse and having fun. 

I find out all about you and your horse from our phone calls together. They are fun and relaxed chats, like 2 old friends catching up.

I plan your shoot before I even arrive, from the information I gather from you. Each one is slightly different but the outcome of a stunning set of images is the same.

Having a photo shoot helps to freeze time. If only we could slow it down. It’s so sad that horses don’t live as long as we do, its a harsh reality that we will have to say goodbye one day to our beloved friend. I’ve been there, its so tough.

Protect the time and relationship you have with your horse by capturing it.  I ensure we have a great time together. Nerves will come into play, what to wear, how to have your hair, will your horse behave?

I’ve got you here, I have style guides to inspire you and years and years of experience to help you with your choices.

My shoots are very hands on. You will feel like you know me before I arrive to your yard. I want you to feel confident with me and able to be yourself.

Nichole - North London, UK

Hannah is simply amazing! She does not only take fabulous pictures – she manages to capture the unique relationship shared by a human being and their horse. I was simply blown away and even got quite emotional when I saw our images since I could feel the special bond Ruby and I share.