Do you ever worry about what to wear on your photo shoot? Well you are not alone. 

When you commission me, not only do we have an awesome few hours together posing and laughing, but I make sure you are completely prepared for your photo shoot. This includes outfit choices and styling.

First things first – you will receive my Style Guide with your Welcome pack, this has a collection of suggested styles to aim towards.  Plus we then have a phone call or Skype to chat about outfit options and what I suggest you pull from your wardrobe.

Without realising it, I actually adore this addition to my business and would never drop it from the process. I think being the eldest of 4 girls, I have inadvertently been training to pick and style other people without realising it. 

You can never bring too much!

If you are lucky enough to keep your horses at home, and you get stuck with your clothing choices, it has been known that I will happily go through your wardrobe and create the perfect looks. 

If your horse, like many, lives on a livery yard my best suggestion is to go through the Style Guide, take notes on our phone call and then get as much clothing, boots, coats and accessories as you can into your car. That’s what tack rooms are built for :).

For this post I want to concentrate on the Winter Look. And there is no better way of showing you what really works than a set of beautiful images of past clients from their winter photo shoots… Queue the show reel!

Connecting your outfit with your natural surroundings.

Picking clothing that simply adds to the time of year.

Don’t forget the winter accessories!

Most of all, comfort and ease so you can simply BE with your horse.

If you would like to book your equine portrait session, call the Studio now to speak to me or Minty about dates and options – 01225 793436.