Back in 2016, Equilibrium ran a #shareyourmare competition to win £150 worth of Equilibrium Products plus a full equine photo shoot with me, plus a 16inch framed and mounted print.

To enter the competition you needed to send in why your Mare is special and worthy of winning Mare of the Month. Once they had run the competition for 4 months and had 4 Mares of the Month, an overall winner was choosen, this being Serena and her mare Aronique (AKA Nooey)

Read Aronique’s full story from Equilibrium Products:

“Serena tells us about her lovely mare, Aronique..

“I have loved and ridden mares all my life, and yes, they are different, but also so wonderful.  I am now lucky enough to have the most wonderful mare, Aronique.

I bought Aronique in Germany when she was a just backed 5yr old, she is black and beautiful, and she is now 14yrs old and my first Grand Prix horse.  It has always been my ambition to ride at Grand Prix on a horse that I have trained and produced myself from the very beginning, and Aronique has been the horse who has allowed me to realise that ambition.  We have been on such a journey together, I have made many mistakes, but my amazing mare has put up with all these mistakes and she always tries so hard for me, we have been placed at Summer and Winter Regionals, won Petplan Area Festivals, and been placed at the Petplan Championships at all levels from Novice to Inter1, and now we are competing at Grand Prix.

A few years ago Aronique had a terrible accident in the field, she was badly injured and had gone into severe surgical shock, fortunately, we managed to get her to the vets in time. She was kept there for about ten days and it really was touch and go whether she would survive, but her fantastic physical and mental strength pulled her through, and she made a brilliant full recovery. She was back competing within six months – we have such a bond, while she was on box rest I spent as much time as possible sitting in her stable just keeping her company.

She means the world to me, a Grand Prix horse who hacks out with the dog, goes in the field every day, and will only eat Pink Lady apples! She really is a horse of a lifetime for me. She tries so hard for me, and I love every minute I spend with her, and after all that for her to get to Grand Prix as well is just more than I ever dreamed possible”

What advice would you give to somebody who is thinking of owning a mare/bought a new mare?

If someone is buying a new mare, or owns a mare, my advice wouldbe to allow you and your mare time to get to know each other, mares do tend to take a while to really trust a new person, but if you don’t hurry them they will trust you in their own time.  I really feel that the partnership is essential with a mare, as is the ability to compromise, the old saying of “ask a mare” is quite right!”

When the weather was better at the start of this year, I visited Serena and Nooey at their home in Southam. We had a wonderful morning together for the photo shoot and Nooey shone more than any black horse I have ever met!

I have just received this beautiful testimonial from Serena…

“I was so excited to win this awesome prize, as I feel convinced (as we all do!) that my mare is so beautiful she deserves someone of Hannah’s ability to capture her beauty.  I was, however, a little nervous personally as I am not a huge fan of having my picture taken.  

I had no need to worry, Hannah was so lovely, she made me feel instantly comfortable, and I loved every second of the session.  But the best was yet to come when I saw all the incredible pictures Hannah had taken I was utterly overwhelmed, the pictures truly were magical, I love every single one of them!  I can’t recommend Hannah enough, this was by a very long way the best prize I have ever won, and I can’t thank Hannah and Equilibrium enough for this amazing experience. “

Here are a few from this special morning we spent together.

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