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“Theres nothing technical about it – it’s how I see it”


Protect that which has value.

Clients commission me because they want to protect the time they have with their beloved horses.

We can’t slow down or extend time, but we can protect time. Indulge in your loved ones and most of all protect the things you value the most.

Photography is like insurance, it cannot replace but it can protect the moments.

Kirsten - Boston USA

“Working with Hannah is such a pleasure – she is a true professional in every sense of the word. She loves her job, she is good at her job and she loves your horse – all of that shines through from beginning to end. She manages to capture moments that are so true to you and your horse – you’ll see your horse in a whole new way!”

Suzanne - Hungerford

“Hannah makes the day so relaxed and enjoyable. She puts everyone at ease, including reluctant teenagers and highly strung horses who don’t usually respond well to pampering, outfit changes and lots of attention. She spots unusual backdrops and makes the most of bad weather to get the best out of the shoot, and has an eye for what will make the most stunning canvas. The horses have always loved it despite never behaving for us!”

Kate Simpson, London

“I did not think I would ever have any sort of photoshoot but along came my lovey horse, Tom, and I thought I would give it a whirl so arranged a session with Hannah. I was sure that I would feel massively uncomfortable but Hannah is amazing – she was able to make me feel relaxed and to actually enjoy the process. The session focused on the connection between me and Tom. Hannah created an excellent balance between asking me to do certain things, like stand in a particular way, and just letting me interact with Tom and unobtrusively looking for the best shots. Hannah clearly adores horses and understands the love owners have for their equine buddies. When the photographs came back I was delighted. They are so beautiful and really showcase Tom which is something he will be delighted about… he’s quite vain and spent a lot of time during the shoot with his head in front of my face to ensure he was, quite rightly, the star attraction. I’m even going to put my beautiful pictures in my hallway so every visitor can see them. Hannah is amazingly talented, an absolute pleasure to work with and a lovely person. I would definitely recommend having a shoot with Hannah, she captures beautiful memories.”

Nichole - London UK

“Hannah is simply amazing! She does not only take fabulous pictures – she manages to capture the unique relationship shared by a human being and their horse. I was simply blown away and even got quite emotional when I saw our images since I could feel the special bond Ruby and I share.

The pouch with the USB stick arrived yesterday and the pictures today – I have spent all morning just smiling like a little kid. I know I am repeating myself but you are not only a very talented photographer but you are also a very caring person with an extremely kind heart! Your attention to detail is just amazing – Ruby will totally love her Polos 🙂

Thank you for this unforgettable experience – with a big hug.”

Alison, London UK

“I had the most wonderful day with Hannah and my horse on our equine photo shoot. Hannah has just the most lovely way about her, in terms of her communication with horses and humans! She was able to take some amazing shots of me and my pony Gemini. Gemini behaved so well and made me think she should have been a model as the shots Hannah produced were amazing! Neither me nor Gemini are youngsters and yet we were made to look very glamorous! I would highly recommend a photo shoot with Hannah – it made me realise what a unique connection I had with my pony, all caught on film by Hannah!”


Styling for your shoot in the spring

Styling for your shoot in the spring

After over 13 years of photographing 100's of clients with their horses I have great experience in helping you choose the right outfits and looks for your photo shoot. A shoot booked with me is to be loved and enjoyed for the rest of your life. This isn't a fleeting...

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Whats a shoot like with me?

Whats a shoot like with me?

This seems a little indulgent, to talk about myself when my passion is capturing someone elses story and relationship with horses. However, I understand that before you trust me with your memories you need to know me a little better. I want to talk about why I do what...

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Meeting Lusitano’s In Portugal

Meeting Lusitano’s In Portugal

A Creative Project Never stop growing or learningI just had a whirlwind 26 hrs! My partner in crime, Emily and I flew over to Portugal on Monday evening to meet a new friend Filipa who breeds and sells Lusitano Horses.  Emily and I are planning on bringing 10 like...

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