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Never stop growing or learning

I just had a whirlwind 26 hrs! My partner in crime, Emily and I flew over to Portugal on Monday evening to meet a new friend Filipa who breeds and sells Lusitano Horses. 

Emily and I are planning on bringing 10 like minded people out to Portugal in May to photograph these astonishing horses. We have put together a fantastic 5 day adventure for anyone who has wanted to see, play and create with this wonderful breed. 

We came out to walk and find the marvellous locations for the 6 photo shoots and oh boy, they are awesome, including this stud yard!

Once we had fallen in love with each of the locations we spent some time meeting the Stallions – it was ok… Ha, obviously meeting any horse for me never gets tiring, but getting to know these gentle but oh so powerful gentlemen was a real privilege. 

There’s a huge mixture of characters in the stables, we had the entertainer, the charmer, the impatient, the gentleman and the hilarious stallion who got upset when we weren’t talking to him. 

Pedro and Filipa wanted to show off the stallions breeding and talent so we played with the big boys in the outdoor school for a while, thankfully we had taken some kit with us (well of course I did), but guess what else we took with us? The bloomin’ rain! Just to prove we’re British. 

After our 26hrs in Portugal we had found 6 locations including this Castle. I kid you not, we are taking Stallions in and around this castle, on the draw bridge and with models who will be in traditional Portuguese dress (can you tell I’m excited?)

Im having to upload iPhone images to this newsletter as it rained so much we didn’t take our kit with us while location scouting, but just look at these places! We will also be working with the Lusitano Mares and Foals – just an exceptional collection of horses. 

We’ve tried and tested the hotel we’ll be staying in – a pleasant Portuguese boutique hotel, extremely clean and comfortable, we’re going to have a blast together and the restaurant that is rolling distance from the hotel will keep us in delicious food for the week.

I cannot wait to return in May. 

Love as always to our four legged friends x