“The right photographer is just waiting for you”

It sounds like a dating app introduction doesn’t it? Finding the right photographer is an important process and this is a relationship that can lasts many, many years.

The majority of my clients come through personal recommendations and raving fans. They will jump onto my website or look up my Instagram and honestly, within the first 8 seconds they have made up their mind whether they like me, my images and my brand. A past client who tells their loved ones about me are the true testament.

Shameless testimonial here:

“Oh my goodness Hannah….I’m lost for words…and believe me this doesn’t happen often. Simply stunning 🤩 This is the most gorgeous album I’ve ever seen – the storage box, the colours, the quality of paper used and the most incredible photos – taken by the best photographer ever. You are one talented lady, who it is so evident to see, loves her job!!! What you have created here is something Carlotta can keep forever. The most wonderful memento ever for her. Thank you so very much. I’m thrilled with it and can’t wait to see Carlotta’s face when she opens it. I’ll try to capture some photos for you. Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart for creating the most incredible keepsake. “

Thank you Amanda for these words.

You should feel an instant pull when you find the right photographer for you and want to be part of this creative journey. Your friends may have had their moment to shine in front of my camera and they get to relive that moment forever, all the while enjoying the results from the shoot. Now it’s your turn.

Don’t forget, the perfect partnership works both ways. You also need to be the right client for me. I work quite differently to many equine portrait photographers and each commission takes a part of my creative soul. I want to leave each portrait with my personal signature and its incredibly important to me that I don’t overstretch my time. My clients deserve 100% of my attention. The wonderful thing about finding each other, is that we fit together perfectly. Everything I’ve added to the experience of being photographed by me is everything you value and have been looking for.

Do you ever have the thought, “I know what I want, I just want someone who has experience and knows what they’re doing to take care of that”? That’s how I work.

My clients know that the end result is seeing their favourite images framed and hanging in their home, an album of beautiful moments kept safe and a handful of digital files to share with family and friends.

I take care of it all, from the designing of the shoot all the way through to designing the wall art to match your home interior.

If this sounds like a good match for you, come and join me on this adventure!