Juliet was a very worthy winner at the Rob Waine Dressage Summer Competition. After competing for many weeks and fighting to keep her top position in September, Juliet and Macchiato stormed the lead and won the series. 

Juliet won a collection of very special gifts from Rob Waine’s supportors, including a photo shoot with me which included a stunning large framed peice.

Juliets home stables are so lovely and gave the best locations for this shoot with both of her boys. Even though Macchiato won this photo shoot with his Mum, he didnt mind sharing the lime light with his buddy Joe. 

A special thank you to Juliet’s husband who agreed that Macchiato was allowed to come onto the lawn. Hooves are not always welcome on a manicured lawn, so a big thank you to both Juliet and her husband for trusting me with this choice of location. 

I was also lucky enough that Juliet knows the owners of Chenies Manor House, across the road and we were allowed to take Macchiato across and get some images in the grounds.