I visited Julie and her two horses in June and was welcomed immediately by both horses the dogs and Julie. As I arrived both horses were having their feet trimmed and checked as they are shoeless, which suits them both really well.

Julie’s husband purchased this shoot for her birthday and I know this is something she was really excited about, although nerves also played their part. Julie told me that she hates the camera being on her.

As I tell many of my clients:

“you soon forget about the camera being pointed towards you when you have your horse in your hands. When you concentrate on lovingly looking at your horse and getting them into position you soon forget to be nervous and quickly settle into loving every minute of simply being with your horse.”

After a couple of hours shooting we had masses in the bag, so we added a few more frames of the dogs in the garden for good measure. Thank you to Julie, Sky and Toffee for being angels and for the dogs for putting up with a stranger walking around there fields and gardens.

Here are just a select few from our shoot.

If you would like a equine photo shoot like Julie please fill in the form at the bottom of the page or give me the studio a call on 01225 793436.

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