Back in September 2016 I was flown over to the stunning island of Jersey for 4 days to photograph 3 friends with their horses.

Each of these beautiful girls enjoyed an equine photo shoot in their chosen locations around the island. Even though this incredible place is actually rather small, the shoot locations that these ladies choose for themselves allowed each to be bespoke and to speak to each of their roots.

I started my week with Mel, Murphey and Solo. We captured a set at Mel’s yard and then traveled up to a view point overlooking one of the most beautiful views I have seen. This view is especially close to Mel’s heart as it’s the view from her house.

[foogallery id=”8644″]

The next day I headed over to meet Abbie and her handsome lad, Cobie. Again, we started Abbie’s photo shoot at the yard along with Abbie’s adorable chocolate labs, we wandered around the dazzling scenery in and around the stables and then popped Cobie in the box and headed up to a spot that is dear to Mel and Cobie. Cobie loved being in front of the lens and truly strutted his stuff as you can see…

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On the third day I got to photograph Karen with her enormous and beautiful boy, Nemo along with her friendly and entertaining dogs! We traveled around the local area, that Karen knows like the back of her hand and stopped in all of her favourite spots.

Nemo didn’t mind one bit as he loaded and unloaded from his box to pose in each location and make his Mummy very proud. Karen was the organiser behind the whole journey and kindly allowed to me stay at her home and ride with her in the mornings.

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This was a truly ‘once in a lifetime’ experience for me this time, I got to ride beautiful horses in the most delicious locations, photograph these friendships in warm sunshine and had a total blast with these three ladies. Each evening I had the privilege of revealing the days images to each client, meals out with delicious food and fabulous company.

Thank you to all three clients for welcoming me to such a special place. I have returned a couple of times already and planning my next trip back in a couple of months.