These two girls hang out all the time together at svhool and pony camp, so what could be better than a joint photo shoot to capture this very precious time in their lives.

Imagine looking back at these images when these girls are 18. 

This was such a great shoot, set up for the Training Barn delegates to teach them how to create a story through images.

We played in the forest using logs and pathways to create magical portraits that both parents will adore for many many years to come. 

I love creating simple and natural moments for shoots like this. Less posing and more role play is needed when your trying to work with kids under 10. Rather than trying to get them into a specific pose Ill ask them to whisper a secret to their pony or to look at their Mum and try to make them laugh. Its a much more natural way to work with kids and their ponies. 

We also created some awesome, fun moments in the garden. We were lucky enough to be able to take these ponies onto the lawn and at this time of year the pinks and purples were exquisite and added even more to these precious moments between these two friends.