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I understand what it is to have a horse.

The commitment, the work and the unconditional love that bonds you and your horse. No matter how bad a day you are having, you can always tell your horse about it and they don’t judge you! I have had many a business discussion with my horse on a hack and she has guided me very wisely.

The friendship and connection you have with your horse is unique, and that’s what I capture as well as the true character of your horse, all the while making the shoot fun and a total experience in itself.

My clients tell me that in the lead up to the shoot they have butterflies with a mixture of nerves and excitement. I relax and calm my clients and create a fun filled environment that not only makes a chilled out atmosphere for you but also your horse. This comes from working with horses for many many years (since I was 3) and loving people!

Apart from picking up my camera, my spare time is spent on my home with my partner Matthew, my wonderful friends and family and of course my horse, Twiggy who is a very chilled out 21 year old thoroughbred who is now in semi-retirement, but shhhh I haven’t actually told her!

I have been so lucky in my career already, and I still feel as if I am only just beginning. This is because I absolutely adore what I do.

I work within different pockets of the Equestrian industry. I have created a wonderful collection of Equestrian Brands that I work with on a regular basis, but most of my time is taken up with working with riders, owners and grooms on a one to one basis with their beloved horses.

This includes working from 4* Eventers such as Harry Meade, Mary and Emily King, William Fox-Pitt and Laura Collett to name but a few. Alongside working with these amazing riders I adore working with owners and their horses at home, the similarities between these clients is the love they hold for their horses. It is unbreakable and that is what I capture, in a personal and beautiful way.